About Us

Former LEO and veteran owned and operated, my wife and I started this company in August 2021 after tragedy changed our lives.

After losing our child, I encountered a workplace culture that was uncaring and indifferent. I was expected to return to work without time or resources for grieving. This left me drained and feeling devalued, and I decided to leave the life of service (at the time, LE).

But a life of service is all I knew and all I wanted. I was unfulfilled with working a “normal job”.

My wife and I decided to start BKT, a way to both support our family, as well as serve the community we know and love.

We’ve had our hardships and struggles, but we have loved every second of growth with all of you beside us. We not only enjoy bringing you awesome apparel that’s built for your lifestyle, but we love connecting with you all.

Helping you through the struggles we ourselves have dealt with, hearing your stories of success, and developing relationships with you all as a community. We only hope that at the end of the day, we can contribute to a more nurturing and caring community.