About Us

Active LEO and veteran owned and operated.

From military, to firearms instruction, to corrections, I’ve always found fulfillment in careers that help annd protect others. But that’s not enough. During a time where I worked retail between LE jobs, I couldn’t find that fulfillment. So I started BKT as a way to reach annd support the community I love. And in that, I found passion and joy. I built this company up from just a $400 check, and though we have a long way to go still, am so proud of not only how much the company has grown, but all of the amazing people we’ve been able to meet throughout the years.
One year later and I am back in LE, helping make that thin blue line thick as hell again. And all the while, our mission is to continue to build BKT and grow our community. Helping you through the struggles we ourselves have dealt with, hearing your stories of success, and developing relationships with you all as a community is the greatest thing about BKT to us. Bringing you all amazing apparel is just a bonus. We only hope that at the end of the day, we can contribute to a more nurturing and caring community, and help build better men, women, and protectors.