Goon Tape Grey Triple

Goon Tape Grey Triple

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Three pack Ghost Grey


GØØN TAPE is soft tape for rough work. ™️ If you’re a tactical athlete looking for an edge, try some moisture wicking Raid Tape. It’s made from an ultra soft blend of synthetic fibers and homegrown cotton that help keep you on target and in the fight, even when the work gets wet. It’s also made proudly in America so you know it won’t quit until the job is done- just like you.

If you’re looking for an athletic tape suited for hard use equipment, Raid Tape has you covered. It’s made to be ultra soft for continuous comfort, and extremely durable to ensure it can take whatever job you throw at it. Pair that with a mild, all natural adhesive and you have a tactical athletic tape that not only feels great, but gets the job done too. Raid Responsibly...

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